Extreme “Z” performance for commercial dual applications.

Like Super Z singles, Super Z QuickDraw™ dual/triples are designed with the commercial user in mind. Super Z comes in sizes to fit all commercial highway and traction tires. Unlike conventional dual/triple chains, Super Z can be installed quickly and securely. All the adjustability is the “QuickDraw™” center rail that tightens with a simple pull.

  • Alloy steel traction coils give superior traction performance compared to conventional tire chains or cables.
  • Greater durability and weight savings of at least 20% compared to conventional “link” tire chains.
  • Can be installed on site, without any special equipment.
  • Superior compatibility with anti-lock brakes and other electronically monitored traction control systems.
  • Low potential for damage to vehicle body and mechanical components, even when abused.
  • Fast, easy installation, in comparison to any other truck winter traction product.
  • Super Z Duals feature a “free-floating” center link rail.

Super Z’s packaging includes illustrated installation and removal instructions. Dual/triples are packaged one half pair per box.

This product MUST NOT use chain tighteners. Replacement cross members are available through some retailers.

Installation Video