Let Snow and ice know you’re in control


Advanced Traction Technology

For Snow and Icy Conditions

  • 40% More Traction with Metal Spikes
  • Tough Urethane Pads for Durability
  • Quick and Easy Installation
  • Works with ABS & ESP Systems

SuperSox:  A Revolutionary Improvement Over Standard Fabric Only Snow Socks!

Peerless SuperSox starts with a baseline of proven fabric snow sock technology and adds multiple sewn on rectangular plastic traction pads with circular embossments and 5 hardened steel studs.

SuperSox studded traction pads dramatically increase tire to road surface adhesion grip and durability in a variety of snow and ice covered road conditions!

  • The Traction Pad is sewn to fabric with 3 rows of high strength double stitching for maximum durability!
  • 5 hardened steel studs provide exceptional traction in hard packed snow and glare ice conditions!

SuperSox:  Durability and Traction Compared to All Fabric Snow Socks


SuperSox (Left) versus Brand “A” Fabric Snow Sock (Right) after 50 miles on wet pavement.

SuperSox:  Advantageous Features Vs. Standard All Fabric Snow Socks

  • SuperSox traction pads are made from tough injection molded plastic with a hardness similar to a typical tire for excellent wear resistance versus fabric alone.
  • SuperSox use 9 to 12 studded traction pads, depending on tire size, to maximize coverage.
  • SuperSox studded traction pads are oriented in a vertical, alternating offset pattern for increased traction and smooth, low vibration operation – even on bare pavement.
  • SuperSox are made from a thicker nylon textile than typical fabric snow socks, which provides a rugged foundation for the sewn on traction pads.
  • SuperSox use higher strength elastic bands inside and outside and can also fit in tight wheel wells where most chains cannot.

SuperSox (Right) versus Standard All Fabric Snow Brand “A” Sock (Left)