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G43 Binder Chain Assembly - Import Long Link


Product Package Type Trade Size in [Imperial] Length (Feet) Qty. Per Drum Lbs. Per Drum Working Load Limit lbs [Imperial] Working Load Limit kg [Metric]

5231424 - 3/8" G43 Binder Chain Assembly Drum 3/8 20 25 750 5400 2449

5234424 - 3/8" G43 Binder Chain Assembly Drum 3/8 16 25 600 5400 2449

Peerless Chain manufactures Grade 43 Long Link Binder Chain Assemblies Import for all your cargo control tie-down needs for hauling, rigging, moving, towing and securing. Long link import Grade 43 Tie Down Binder Chain Assembly for sale in 3/8 inch Grade 43 chain and in 16 feet and 20 feet chain assembly lengths by the drum. The G43 binder chain assembly import meets DOT, CVSA, and CCMTA requirements.

Calculating the minimum number of Grade 43 Tie-Downs depends on the cargo length, cargo weight and cargo type. The sum of the working load limits from G43 Tie-Downs must be at least 50% of the weight of the cargo. DO NOT EXCEED CAPACITY! See the SAFETY GUIDELINES  section before using these products.

Tie-Down Chain and Load Binder Specifications chart on this page is a guide to meet the basic minimum current in-service requirements in accordance to the FMCSA and the DOT for G43 tie down binder chains. This table lists the minimum number of chain assemblies required to secure a load per DOT, CVSA and CCMTA.

Import Long Link Grade 43 Binder Chain Assembiles are used in the following industries: Agriculture & Forestry, Construction, Bridge Builders, Highway and Street, Military, Transportation & Utilities - Power, Water, Sewer & Pipe.