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Transport (T80) Clevis Grab Hook - Import


Product Chain Size in [Imperial] Finish Dim A Dim B Dim C Dim D Quantity Per Pkg. Lbs. Per Ea. Working Load Limit lbs [Imperial] Working Load Limit kg [Metric]

8008450 - 3/8" Transport (T80) Clevis Grab Hook - Import 3/8 Black 0.48 0.5 0.47 2.63 10 1 7,100 3,220

8008650 - 1/2" Transport (T80) Clevis Grab Hook - Import 1/2 Black 0.75 0.66 0.63 3.19 10 2.2 12,000 5,443










Transport 80 Clevis Grab Hook For Sale

Import Peerless Chain T80 Clevis Grab Hooks are forged cargo hooks to be paired with required transport chain for heavy-duty cargo control. The Transport (T80) Clevis Grab Hook is a grade 80 clevis grab hook designed to be used with grade 70 or greater chain for load hauling or load securement. Import T80 Clevis chain grab hooks are used to hook back into the chain between the links, connect separate pieces of chain or shorten chain length.

T80 Clevis Grab Hook Requirements

Transport Tie-Down Chain & Load Binder Specifications chart is a guide to meet the basic minimum current in-service requirements in accordance with the FMCSA and the DOT for transport chain. This table lists the minimum number of chain assemblies required to secure a load per DOT, CVSA and CCMTA. Transport chain accessories meet Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations and NACM Specification.

DO NOT EXCEED CAPACITY! See the SAFETY GUIDELINES section before using these products. Import T80 Clevis chain hooks are NOT TO BE USED FOR for OVERHEAD LIFTING.

Import Transport T80 Clevis Grab Hooks Import are used in the following industries: Agriculture & Forestry, Construction, Bridge Builders, Highway and Street, Military, Transportation & Utilities - Power, Water, Sewer & Pipe.