Winch Bars


Product Type Finish Length (Inches) Quantity Per Pkg. Lbs. Per Package

CC5505 - Standard Painted Winch Bar Standard Painted 32.5 6 32

CC5506 - Standard Chrome Winch Bar Standard Chrome 32.5 6 32

CC5515 - Combination Painted Winch Bar Combination Painted 37 6 41

CC5516 - Combination Chrome Winch Bar Combination Chrome 37 6 41

Winch Bars For Sale

Winch bars are used to tighten or release tie downs on flatbed trailers. Winch bars feature a knurled handle for a safe grip as well as tapered case hardened ribbed nose piece for strength and to prevent slippage.

During tightening with a winch bar and before releasing the tie down assembly, check the winch pawl to ensure it has properly engaged the gear sprocket. Always grip the winch bar at the knurled section of the bar for increased safety. Reference the SAFETY GUIDELINES section of this catalog for more information.

Use extreme caution when tensioning the cargo winch assembly to assure the latch/pawl is fully engaged in the gear sprocket teeth before releasing the pressure on the winch bar. Always keep hands and fingers away from the winch pawl & keep face, head and body out of path of winch bar.

Inspect all binding components (winch, strap assembly, chain assembly, loadbinder, winch bar) prior to each use. Never use damaged or worn equipment. Remove from service and replace with new. Do not attempt to repair.

Winch bars and winches are used entirely at the users own risk and the use of a winch bar demonstrates an understanding of the risks and a willingness to accept the consequences of possible property damage, serious personal injury and/or loss of life. When using Peerless winch bars with winches the tapered point of the bar must be inserted completely through both holes in the winch cap. Failure to insert bar correctly could cause the bar to slip and result in serious personal injury and/or loss of life.

Winch Bars are used in the following industries: Agriculture & Forestry, Bridge Builders, Highway and Street, Steel Erection, Military, Transportation & Utilities - Power, Water, Sewer & Pipe.