Frequently Asked Questions

OSHA 1910.184 states that alloy chain slings are required to be visually inspected daily by a competent person designated by the employer. The severity of conditions may require frequent inspection throughout the day. The daily chain sling inspections are not required to be documented by OSHA.

OSHA also requires that, once within any 12 month period, all alloy chain slings are required to be thoroughly visually inspected and the condition of each sling be documented by a competent person. The employer also must maintain a record of the latest chain sling inspection and make that inspection report available for examination.

The chain sling manufacturer must complete an Alloy Chain Sling Certificate for each chain sling assembled and tagged according to OSHA. The sling certificate is required to be maintained for each chain sling and made available for examination.

Along with the Alloy Chain Sling Certificate, the employer must maintain a record of the most recent periodic Chain Sling Inspection Report and the report be made available for examination.