7mm Theatrical Rigging Chain7mm Rigging Chain

Readily compatible with standard 1/4″ chain hardware.

  • Grade 63 alloy material with 0.27″ diameter and 3,250 lbs. working load limit.
  • Heat treated with each link proof tested to ensure weld & material integrity.
  • A6 and traceability code every 10 links and TC on the back of each link.
  • Manufactured and test in accordance with ASTM A413
  • Black TRAC™ finish
  • Made in the USA

Manufactured and Tested as a Grade 63 Alloy Steel Chain

Stock # Chain Size (mm) Wire Dia. (inches) Inside Link Dim. (inches) Qty Per Pkg (Ft.) Net Wt. Lbs. WLL
Length Width Lbs. Kgs.
8611517 7mm 0.27 1.24 0.49 800 ft/drum 516 3,250 1,474

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