Brass Combination Locks

Keep it under lock and key -- or lock and combination, rather. These locks feature a brass plated zinc diecast body, ideal for resisting rust, and a tempered alloy steel shackle. The protective combination is re-settable so that each individual lock can be customized to a personal key code of choice. Best paired with the QuikBinder™  Plus because of its long shackle, it will keep the binder, chain, and load locked and secure so you don’t have to worry. Additionally, the model H4927-2730 is retail packaged in a tamper-proof clamshell -- offering nothing but security.


  • Brass plated zinc diecast body
  • The shackle is tempered alloy steel.
  • Re-settable combination 
  • The long shackle model works very well with QuikBinder™ 
  • H4927-2730 is retail packaged in a tamper-proof clamshell
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Product Trade Size (in.) Finish Weight Each (Lbs.) Factory Package Order Unit
H4927-2730 2" Case (50mm) Brass 0.6 12/Ctn. Each
H4927-3030 2" Case (50mm) Brass 0.75 12/Ctn. Each