The GrabBar™ is specifically designed to stabilize cargo inside trailers with wood or metal rails and is customizable for rail thickness, ranging from ⅓’’ to 1 ¾’’. Full range to 106’’ but very easy to stow away once it’s collapsed down to 46’’ -- no need to wrestle it through a garage door when you don’t need it in your truck. The rubber feet provide excellent grip without damaging surfaces, keeping your vehicle unscathed and your load secure. The GrabBar™ can be used in conjunction with the SmartBar™ for those larger loads, and comes with the option of the GrabBar™ stop collar for rigidity in stake side truck applications.


Use With The GrabBar

For heavier loads you can use the GrabBar in conjunction with the SmartBar to provide extra stability.

Spring Loaded Lever for easy adjustment

The rubber spring loaded lever is used to easily adjust the GrabBar to the desired length. It can adjust to a full 106" for those wider loads.

Strong And Flexible Rubber Feet

The rubber feet come in two different sizes depending on your needs. No matter what your need, these rubber feet can ensure a scratch-free surface along with superior holding power for any size load.

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Product Package Type Reach (in.) Weight Each (Lbs.)
CC5200 Bundle (Qty. 4) 46" - 106" 17.50 Lbs.
CC5212 Carton (Qty. 6) - - 1.00 Lbs.
  • Durable square tubing; wood or metal rails
  • 46"-106"
  • Cargo control
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